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Mount Laurel Township Corona Virus Governmental Continuity

Our commitment to keeping you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic


In order to protect the health and safety of the community and our employees, and to help minimize the spread of COVID-19,
Mount Laurel Fire Department Administrative Offices will be closed indefinitely.

MLFD will be resuming in-person residential smoke inspections on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

In lieu of in-person inspections, MLFD will offer an affidavit for Self-Inspection Certification of Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Compliance. The self-inspection process requires the seller to submit an online affidavit, along with payment (credit card only) to Mount Laurel Fire Department. Upon receipt of the affidavit and payment, a letter will be emailed to the seller for settlement/closing. As a condition of approval, both the seller and buyer agree to a future, in-person, home smoke detector inspection as soon as the public health restrictions are lifted. This procedure is in place for all closings.



As part of the state’s effort to preserve the capacity of the health care system to respond to COVID-19, Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 109, directing the suspension of all elective surgeries and invasive procedures performed on adults that are scheduled to take place after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 27. The Governor’s Executive Order applies to all medical and dental operations that can be delayed without undue risk to the current or future health of the patient, as determined by the patient’s physician or dentist.

“Our new reality calls for aggressive action to reduce the burden on our health care system and protect our frontline medical responders,” said Governor Murphy. “Given the dramatic shortfall in personal protective equipment we face, it’s imperative that we work with our partners in health care to strategically preserve supplies and equipment for emergency purposes only.”

In addition to the suspension outlined above, Governor Murphy’s Executive Order also requires the following:

  • Protecting the capacity of hospitals: Physicians and dentists, who are planning to perform surgery or invasive procedures in their offices, must consider the potential burden of post-surgery complications on local hospitals prior to performing any operation.  
  • Explicit exemption for family planning and termination of pregnancies: The order provides that it shall not be interpreted in any way to limit access to family planning services, including termination of pregnancies.
  • Inventory of personal protective equipment to be taken: Any business, non-hospital health care facility, or institution of higher learning in possession of PPE, ventilators, respirators, or anesthesia machines not required for the provision of critical health care services shall undertake an inventory of these supplies and send that information to the State. The Office of Emergency Management shall establish a process for affected entities to submit this information.

The Order requires facilities to immediately notify patients whose operations have to be suspended.

For a copy of Executive Order No. 109:

Please fill the required online inventory form here:

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is

Monday, August 17, 2020


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A Message from the MLMUA for their Commercial Customers

As New Jersey prepares for “The Road Back”, make sure your business is ready to meet the challenge!

If your business/building has been completely or partially unoccupied during the current pandemic, you must take action to address possible water quality degradation in the building’s plumbing system.  This correspondence is intended to bring awareness to this issue.  We also provide basic guidance and a helpful link so you can reoccupy your building in a “water healthy” way and avoid water quality issues.

What happened to the water while the building was unoccupied?  Examples include:

  • When water was not used, the chlorine in the water had a chance to dissipate.  This invites microorganisms to grow inside pipes, fixtures and tanks.  Some may cause disease if they are consumed or inhaled as droplets (particularly while showering).
  • The protective scale inside pipes may have destabilized. Without the protective scale, toxic metals like lead (if you have lead pipes) can dissolve or shear off as particles and end up in water used for drinking or food preparation.
  • For larger buildings/systems, mechanical equipment such as cooling towers, boilers and pumps may not have received routine maintenance.  Backflow preventers may have missed annual test cycles.

What actions do I need to take?

Every business is different and the answer to this question varies depending on the size, design and use of your specific plumbing system.  The proper actions will range from the simple flushing of your plumbing system for a few minutes to following the actions put in place as part of your Water Management Plan (if applicable).  Size, design and use are important in determining your actions.

The link below provides some basic information and guidance which will allow you to take appropriate actions.  This will ensure that a return to normal includes water quality in your building that is tailored to your specific needs.  If during this process you have any questions, our water professionals will do their best to assist you.   You are invited to contact us at 856.234.0062.

Here is a good resource to get you started:

ESPRI (Environmental Science Policy & Research Institute)

We will get through this together!

Mount Laurel Residents… We Need Your Assistance

Mount Laurel Residents: The EMS, Fire, and Police agencies in Mount Laurel are requesting your assistance. We’re working to ensure that we are prepared to meet the demands of the sick with COVID-19. We’re asking residents who are quarantined to complete a voluntary notification survey. The results will remain confidential and secure and will NOT be shared. Only one survey per residence should be submitted. Our goal is to ensure we’re prepared to respond to our customers needs as we navigate this pandemic together. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Click the link below of use the QR code:

September 11, 2001 – Never Forget Memorial


The Mount Laurel Firefighters’ Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, in cooperation with the Mount Laurel Fire Department, is taking donations to maintain a memorial to remember those lost on September 11, 2001. The focal point of the memorial is a steel I-beam from the World Trade Center, generously donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. We need your support to maintain our memorial and ensure we Never Forget. You can use the PayPal button below for your donation.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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